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About me[]

Yes, I'm the same pedantic know-it-all (that's probably why I like Ayla) who you may have met at the Crystal Hall forums, or the Tuckerspawn forums, or the TG_Fiction Yahoogroup (among a bunch of other lists and fora). I'm a Brazilian male in my fifties, and the very slow writer of a bunch of fanfic that never seems to get finished. So far, only two pieces ever got posted -- a Star Trek: TNG short on TG_Fiction (a long, long time ago) and the first part of the unofficial Mezzo origin, besides a few "Micro Scenes" here and there.

Jana is my character in outline only; the canon authors (mostly Babs and Diane) took her, ignored the stupid parts, fleshed her out, gave her a personality and ran with it, and Jana thanks them for it by helping the chefs with all those wonderful dishes for Ayla.

I got the chance to create a canon secondary character a few years ago as a kind of award Babs gave for helping her with a few technical aspects of Jinn's powers (Xaltatun was the other winner, he contributed Ponygirl).

My favorite pages[]

  • Mezzo, of course. This page is my baby. It's basically a fleshed-out version of my original outline, with stuff taken from my origin fanfic and things Babs and Diane have added. Much of it is Word of Demi-God from yours truly; it may be overriden by the True Canon Gods at any time (and I will happily revise and update it accordingly). Although anything non-canon I put there I try to keep canon-compatible. No, I won't hire Tinsnip to kill you if you dare change a comma; I may disagree, but I generally welcome any help in any page. It's a wiki, it's not like I own the content or anything.
  • Phase. He reminds me a bit of myself. No, not the intersex thing or the mutant power. Nor the billionaire thing. But the pedantic bookworm know-it-all thing.
  • She-Beast. Reasons pretty much as above. Is it any surprise that I'm in the Phase/She-Beast shipping line?