The Vindicators are basically a parody of the Avengers. ‘Iron Man’ is a spoiled rich brat tech-geek who thinks that he’s god’s gift to women. ‘The Scarlet Witch’ is a type-A control freak whose nose is seriously out of joint by being upstaged by Team Kimba and especially by Nikki. ‘Captain America’ is an ineffectual loser who tries to amp himself up by expounding the greatness of Canada. ‘Thor’ is a good-natured goof-ball. ‘Giantman / Wasp / She-Hulk’ is this really enthusiatic optimist, who unfortunately isn’t always in control of her power. ‘The Vision’ is the most competent of the lot, but has more or less resigned herself to being saddled with a bunch of losers, and has withdrawn into a shell of apathy. They have NO real teamwork whatsoever, but Kismet’s ‘luck’ constantly twists things to their advantage.


  • Kismet Teleporting probability witch, wants to out-do Nikki.
  • Lemure Original member, now burned out. Phaser, plus telepathy?
  • Sizemax Other original member. Optimist. 8” – 34’ tall.
  • Cerebrex (Styles himself "Captain Canada!") Easily distracted, a bit slow. TK leaps & punches. A joke.
  • Donner Thor, done as a big, dumb goof.
  • Dynamaxx Iron Man as a devisor. Hits on any woman around, usually with bad pick-up lines.

Former MembersEdit


At Halloween Lemure was doing well, and had an epiphany concerning her being one of the Vindicators; Kismet's probability warping lousing her up just underscored that realization.[1] However, given later events, it is clear that she hasn't acted on this understanding; she's still on the Vindicators.

On Parents' Day they took on the Yama Dojo, and got stomped, hard. Then Team Kimba cleaned up big-time.[2]

Winter 2007 they are taking Team Tactics I, mainly because Kismet saw that Team Kimba was taking it. The unfortunate thing is that if they actually worked together they'd get a lot out of the class.[3]


Winter 2007Edit