The Vitesse family is Charge's family. They live just outside of Chaniers France, where they own and run a small, but very successful vineyard.

Family MembersEdit

Jacques VitesseEdit

Jacques is the patriarch of the family. He is the loving father of 3 daughters, and the owner of Vitesse Winery and Cognac Distillery that produces award winning Cognacs.[1]

Therese VitesseEdit

Jacques first wife, she died while giving birth to her third daughter.[2] She was a mutant with minor precognitive powers. It is unknown if she had foreseen her death.[1]

Her birthday was on July 5th.[3]

Nichole BeaulieauEdit

Nichole Beaulieau is Jacques live in girlfriend (Charge uses the term "Mistress"). Mrs. Carson calls her Nichole Vitesse and Charge vehemently corrects her.[2] She is trying her best to a good stepmother, despite problems with her eldest stepdaughter, Adalie.[2] She is pregnant with a son.[4] (In some places her names are spelled Nicole and Beaulieu.)

Adalie VitesseEdit

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Amelie VitesseEdit

Amelie is Jacques' second daughter, she remembers her birth mother, but Adalie is afraid that she will forget her. Her manifestation of mutant powers during the summer of 2007 was predicted by Charge.[2] She manifested electromagnetic powers, that occasionally disrupts electronics near her.[5]

Tessa VitesseEdit

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Therese "Tessa" is the youngest daughter, named after her mother who died giving birth to her.[2]

She is nine or ten years younger than Adalie, and is in the Junior High Program in 2016-2017, under the codename of Magique.[6]

Therese LecuyerEdit

Therese "Teri" Lecuyer is Adalie's aunt, who works at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As of 2007, she is stationed at the Boston French consulate. The exact relationship has not been spelled out, but it seems likely that Teri is Jacques's sister and therefore Lecuyer is her married name.


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