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Vanessa, as drawn by Drunkfu

Vanessa Jackson, codename Vox.[1]


Physical Description[]

Vanessa is the ‘curvy black girl’ that was dancing along with Rip and Toni at the train station[2].


Vanessa comes from a working class neighborhood in Philadelphia, and is very anxious to grab this opportunity to improve her situation.[1] At 15, Vanessa already has curves, and she’s an Exemplar (Level 2); she’s developing into the sort of figure that could give even Fey a run for her money in the tongue dragging department.


EX-2, EN-? (Siren). Vanessa is a ‘Siren’, a sub-variety of Psychokinetic whose energy is focused into sonic vibrations delivered by her voice. Vanessa can perfectly mimic any sound or voice that she’s ever heard, emit an ear-shattering scream, and with effort, hit any resonant frequency of any rigid object. Her most effective technique, however, is something rather like the ‘Bene Gesserit Voice’, a subvocal influence that causes a ‘Suggestion’ effect.[1]


Vanessa is basically a moral girl — for a 15 year old — but she really wants to get out of the work-a-day grind that pretty much chewed up her mother and spat her out, so she’s looking for a way to use her powers to her advantage. She wants to go to business school. Vanessa is more or less bisexual, but doesn’t have a lot of patience with teenage boys.


On 2006-09-03, she was the ‘curvy black girl’ that was dancing along with Rip and Toni at the train station[2]. She met Ayla on the train where he gives her the codename "Vox", as the Latin for "voice". and they had their first kiss in his room, and also defined themselves as boyfriend and girlfriend, after she poured her life history and personal goals out in their two meetings.[1]

On 2006-09-07, the first day of classes of the 2006-2007 school year, she has Basic Martial Arts Fourth Period with Ayla and some other people.[3]

On 2006-09-11, she's seen having more Basic Martial Arts Fourth Period with Ayla and some other people.[4]

Vox is Ayla's girlfriend; there is a lot missing in this section such as several private dinners

On 2007-01-25, Phase's 15th birthday, Vox gives him a very unexpected but very welcome sexy present.[5] Later in the day, she has a lot of remorse about the present, and Phase holds her for a while.[6]

On April 20, 2007, late evening, she's effectively broken up with Phase, through some accidental use of her powers, possibly interacted with some magical defense of She-Beast's, she self-suggested a compulsion to stay away from him, although she still loves him.[7]



  • Mother
  • Father (Abusive, abandoned family)[8]
  • Aunt Lucy[8]

Poe Cottage[]


Fall 2006[]

Winter 2007[]

Spring 2007[]

Generation 2[]

By 2016, Vanessa appears to have become famous as a singer.[11] A "World-famous siren performer", to be exact.[12]