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Vanessa, as drawn by Drunkfu

Vanessa Jackson, codename Vox.[1]


Vanessa is the ‘curvy black girl’ that was dancing along with Rip and Toni at the train station[2]. Vanessa comes from a working class neighborhood in Philadelphia, and is very anxious to grab this opportunity to improve her situation.[1] At 15, Vanessa already has curves, and she’s an Exemplar (Level 2); she’s developing into the sort of figure that could give even Fey a run for her money in the tongue dragging department.


EX-2, EN-? (Siren). Vanessa is a ‘Siren’, a sub-variety of Psychokinetic whose energy is focused into sonic vibrations delivered by her voice. Vanessa can perfectly mimic any sound or voice that she’s ever heard, emit an ear-shattering scream, and with effort, hit any resonant frequency of any rigid object. Her most effective technique, however, is something rather like the ‘Bene Gesserit Voice’, a subvocal influence that causes a ‘Suggestion’ effect.[1]


Vanessa is basically a moral girl — for a 15 year old — but she really wants to get out of the work-a-day grind that pretty much chewed up her mother and spat her out, so she’s looking for a way to use her powers to her advantage. She wants to go to business school. Vanessa is more or less bisexual, but doesn’t have a lot of patience with teenage boys.


Vox is Ayla's girlfriend; there is a lot missing in this section such as several private dinners

Vox gives Phase a very unexpected but very welcome present for his birthday.[3]



  • Mother
  • Father (Abusive, abandoned family)[4]
  • Aunt Lucy[4]

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By 2016, Vanessa appears to have become famous as a singer.[8]