Wahnsinnig (Kirsten Bischofsheim) is a student in Whitman cottage.[1]

The story says her code name means "crazy" or "reckless". The Mannheim police forced that code name on her after the incident with the street gang and the steamroller.[2] The author says he originally thought it only meant "reckless". (WOG in comments on the story).



On 2016-09-09, at the presumably) Emerson - Dickinson mixer, Erica notices the European Promotional League student club. When she introduces herself, the students notice her code name and say Kirsten will be interested in her.[2]

Later that evening, Kirsten returns to her room in Whitman, her evening ruined by the news that someone else had scored the code name of Eisenmädel. She calls a friend in Germany to have him hack the government computers to dig up what he can on Erica.

On 2006-09-10 Val notices that Brita has Whansinnig on her list of people to recruit.[1]

At the Beret Mafia mixer, Kirsten notices that Inkblood recognizes the Von Abendritter name.[3]

On 2016-09-16, Kirsten tasks Erica with what she knows. Erica panics and runs away, running into Donut and Cookie. A pair of manifested strudels helps. They make a date for Sunday.[3]

On 2016-09-17, Erica calls Uncle Adolph for a dossier on Kirsten.[4]

On 2016-09-21, Kirsten meets Rachel Altus and points her at Erica.[4]

On 2016-09-23, Kirsten pulls the trigger by tarring Erica with Baron Dämmerung's misdeeds. Erica crashes and her RA, Milena. Then Milena discusses the case with Elspeth Plimsoll, the assistant dorm parent.[4]

On 2016-09-24, Ratel challenges Erica to a spar. They come to an understanding.[4]

On 2016-09-26, Erica arranges with the German teacher, Herr Auer to shift her class schedule so she doesn't run into Kirsten.[4]

On 2016-10-01, Erica gets in a good comeback to one of Kirsten's jabs.[5]




High level Exemplar or something. At one point she throws an inoffensive cup away, not caring that it lands ten miles away and wrecks a car.


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