The Weapons Fair is an annual, and very unofficial, event staged by the kids in the Workshop without official approval. It isn't entirely about weapons, although many of the kids are showing them.

Why is it unofficial? Well, it tends to end with a disaster. In 2005 it was Mega-Death's force field defragmenter that went wild when Glitch walked into the room. In 2004, it was Wingnut's robotic chessplayer / bodyguard. He was in the hospital for three weeks. In 2003, it was Propaedeutic's 'learning machine' devise that over-learned and tried to take on the properties of every devise and gadget at the fair. Including all the weapon arrays and a targeting system! It took Security and the entire Cape Squad to put it down. Put about a dozen people in the hospital too.[1]

2006 Weapons FairEdit

Phase learned about it on October 3rd; the date had to be moved because of a planned presentation by Mister Sticky.[2]

The 35th annual fair was on Sunday, October 22. Lots of fun was had by all. Belphegor was caught, again, trying to sell other people's work as his own. The fair ended when Delta Spike accidentally created a devise overload, which then heterodyned with the surrounding force fields. Phase and Jobe managed to stop the interaction at the source. And no one ended up going to the hospital.[1]

Known ExhibitorsEdit


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