Weaver (real name unknown) is an astral mage or something similar. Her specialty is manifesting a lot of spiders on the astral to weave a net that binds things. She's a member of the Dream Team.

She's "dark-skinned".[1]

"And every now and again, we find someone who is too dangerous, or won't follow the rules that keep this place safe. Weaver binds them with her spiders, keeping them unable to see the Astral plane on any level."[1]


Weaver is mentioned the first time Heyoka stumbles onto the astral plane around Whateley.[2]

She's with the Dream Team when they try to bind Diamondback so she doesn't go floating in and out of the astral without any awareness or control. [1][3]

She's part of the Dream Team when they intercept the Tong of the Black Madonna's attack on The Handmaiden of the Tao.[4]

She's mentioned as providing some form of protection for Team Kimba in a meeting.[5]


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