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Wednesday Morning, 5AM is a story first released on October 2, 2011, originally through the old Crystal Hall Forums. Written by E. E. Nalley, it occurs on January 31, 2007, with retrospective scenes from 1975 and 1976. The story revolves around the Whateley Academy Radio Station.


January 31, 2007[]

Arvin “Goodvibes” Hochauser is the morning DJ at WARS - the Whateley Academy Radio Station. (He likes to be called “Doctor Goodvibes”, but the title isn’t allowed since he hasn’t actually earned the degree (yet.)) Arvin opens the day and does a few radio announcer things, including picking up a story about a NYPD sergant whose life was saved by Elaine “Loophole” Nalley’s new invention. The cop turns out to be Marty “Mega-Girl” Penn’s father.

Elsewhere, Tywyswyr has his administrative assistant, Susan, call in an anonymous lead that something is happening to the MCO office in downtown Berlin. Arvin gets Gloriana to fly over and check it out. It turns out to be the DPA (Department of Paranormal Affairs) arresting the entire staff of the Berlin MCO office for putting DFA (Deadly Force preauthorized) notifications on several student’s MIDs.

In the flashbacks, we learn how WARS was originally created.


First Pirate Broadcasts that formed the beginning of a Whateley Academy Radio Station from the Basement of Poe Teacher’s Dormitory.


  • NASA has announced the Maiden Flight of the Space Shuttle Enterprise, STS Number One, baby is gonna be a re-supply run to Sky Lab and the delivery of the first custom-built section for the space station.
    • The new module for Skylab is going to be packed with scientific gear that would monitor Global Cooling and the coming Ice Age.


Jack Duncan and Clifford Maxwell are persuaded by Matt and Greg to advocate for the founding of a Whateley Academy Radio Station, and plan to bring Elizabeth Stevens into their enterprise.


Dr. Alexander, then Headmaster of Whateley Academy, agrees to consider the first draft of a proposal to found what would eventually become the Whateley Academy Radio Station.


W.A.R.S is officially on the air for the first time.