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Welcome to Poe is a story written by Babs Yerunkle, Bek D. Corbin, ScramblerJ, Starwolf, and Maggie Finson, released on 2004-10-30. It runs from 2006-09-03 to 2006-09-04, and is an introduction to the main characters in Team Kimba.


Toni, Fey, and Hank meet each other at the train station on the way to Whateley Academy . They are taken to Poe Cottage and told about the special arrangements at Poe. Beltane takes all the new changelings on a tour, gets them to introduce themselves, and gives them some background on the school and some powers. Back at Poe, they chase around Tennyo's cabbit, learn more about each other, and get worrisome notes that will be dealt with in the next story.