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A High School has to have a cheerleader squad, right? Even if there are no inter-scholastic sports, and no intramural sports either. It doesn't make sense to a lot of people, but they have one. They're Alpha wannabees so they act like an Alpha hit squad on occasion

Main members[]

Affiliated members[]

Last three are loosely modeled after the Fashion Club from Daria.


The three core cheerleaders try to beat up Jade, presumably to send some kind of message to Chaka. Sara beats them up instead.[1]

The cheerleaders capture Sara Waite and give her to Bloodworm, who tries to sacrifice her to an evil entity.[1][2]

Hippolyta visits them while they're being punished for kidnapping Sara. Patty smart mouths, and Hippolyta stuffs a sock in it.[3]

The cheerleaders try to hassle Ayla. She leaves them rolling on the floor, but not laughing.[4]

They apparently are Zombiefied for Halloween, winning third place in the costume contest.[5]

Ayla helps the cheerleaders to have a wardrobe malfunction.[6]

The cheerleaders (and their Pyramid of Power™) have an encounter with the Lit Chix.[7]

They sell yearbooks to raise funds for the Senior Legacy Project.[8][9]

Ayla points out the fallacies of their socio-economic beliefs.[10]