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Whitman Cottage is the girls-only mixed normal and GSD cottage. It is located about 700 yards north-east of the main campus buildings, in a depression beyond Dickinson Hill. It has the same layout as all the other cottages except Melville and Hawthorne.

The room was identical to all the others in the cottage, twelve by twenty feet, and likewise all the furniture was standard issue, a faux blonde maple that consisted of a pair of student desks on the wall with the door, a pair of 4 drawer dressers, a wardrobe for hanging items, and a night stand at the foot of each bed. The beds themselves were a simple tube iron frame twin types in black and a dorm fridge the girls shared sat between the two windows on the far wall.[1]

Note: This contradicts the description in the earlier stories; for one thing, it's twice the size.

List of students: Whitman Students

Room assignments for Whitman students are in Whitman Room Assignments.

Whitman Cottage in Generation 1[]

House Mother:

Cottage Fixer:

Whitman Cottage in Generation 2[]

Houses over "over one hundred girls" as of September 07, 2016.[6]

2nd Floor Resident Assistants[]

  • Bai Yun - SW wing, a.k.a 230s, from logical deduction from the maps we have.[7]
  • Polar Vortex - NW wing, a.k.a 210s[7]
  • Telekat - NE wing, a.k.a 220s[7]
  • Sequoia - SE wing (sophomore overflow), a.k.a 240s, from logical deduction from the maps we have.[7]


  • Whitmanics
  • Rowdies (Dickinson-made).[8]