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Widget (Wendy ?[1]) is a gadgeteer and one of four girls spending most of the 2005-2006 school year trying to entice Scott Emerson. Her strategy apparently was to sufficiently impress him with her gadgets so as to cause romantic feelings to emerge, somehow.[2]


She is fairly attractive and has an upturned nose, blue eyes and wears her blonde hair in a ponytail, usually under a bicycle cap.[2]


Widget specializes in electro-mechanical gadgets.[2] She is also an exemplar.[3]


Widget tries to sabotage Chaka in various ways the day she hooks up with Thunderbird.[2] She has a table at the Weapons Fair, stuck next to Greasy, much to her distress.[4] She went to the Halloween dance as the animated series Supergirl™.[5] She's part of a group of Workshop girls who have a regular Saturday evening get-together.[6] Trying to have a talk with Chaka, she gets involved in the Counterpoint/Chaka fracas.[3]