The Wild Pack are a team of Whateley students in the Class of 2008 that have built up a reputation for staring down the none-too-subtle tyrannies of the Alphas. An Alpha (since graduated) gave them the tag ‘Betas’ to suggest that they are second rate, or Alpha-wannabees. While most people don’t buy this, the name stuck (they, of course, hate the tag). They are based on the lead characters in Bek D. Corbin's SRU[1] story Mighty Morphing Gender Rangers, but NO, they DON'T change sex and haven’t changed sex. Bek just wanted to do something more with them, and didn’t want to write a sequel.[2]

In the past the Wild Pack seems to have had an antagonistic relationship with Dupraeve, perhaps a fellow transplant from the story mentioned above.[3]

They work as Peacekeepers, officially Security Auxiliaries, and are usually the first ones on the scene of any student battle. Their armored color coded costumes include animal-themed helmets corresponding to their code names.[4]

They were the ones to break up the Breakfast Brawl[5] as well as the confrontation between Chaka and Don Sebastiano that led to Sebastiano's first detention.[6] During the Halloween invasion they were ambushed in their non-combat costumes by a group of armored and heavily armed attackers apparently specifically briefed on them.[3]



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