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The Wilkins family all share a significant trait; they are the best at what they do. And they're all operating on the shady side of the law. Relationships are in relation to Jobe Wilkins.

Family Tree[]

Belphoebe Blackadar-Wilkins


Joseph Wilkins[]

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Joe Wilkins is the supervillain Gizmatic, and rules Karedonia with a cybernetic fist.[1]

Lorna Wilkins[]

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née Lorna Langtree

Wife of Emperor Joe Wilkins and mother of Jobe Wilkins.[2]

Lorna used to be an ADA in Chicago, and dated Champion III for about ten years. Gizmatic, who had a feud with Champion, developed an attraction for his girlfriend and frequently involved her in his schemes. But then, after she was rescued from a kidnapping attempt, Lorna sworn a complaint against Champion and alleged that she had fell in love with Joe Wilkins. It was assumed, but never proved, that Gizmatic somehow brainwashed Lorna in an undetectable way.[2]

Jobe Wilkins[]

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Jobe is a student at Whateley Academy, and has numerous bio-patents. She may be as brilliant as she thinks she is. Her legal status is in doubt, following her acidental injection with the Drow serum, as her DNA is completely changed.[3]

Belphoebe Blackadar-Wilkins[]

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Belphoebe is a shirttails Wilkins, her claim to membership being Elizabeth Carson declaring her Jobe's daughter. She attends Whateley Academy, and rooms with Jobe.[4]

Ralph Wilkins[]

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Uncle Ralph runs Wilkins Fine Meats,[5] and as a sideline serves as Karedonia's Ambassador to the United Nations.[6] He is Joseph Wilkins' older brother.[5]

Millicent Wilkins[]

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Aunt Millie runs Simply Faboo, a 1940s retro clothing emporium, which serves as a front for her supervillain clothing operation.[5]

Stephanie Wilkins[]

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Cousin Stephanie (Millicent's daughter) is an interior designer, with a sideline in decorating and equipping Evil Lairs. Her store, called simply Felicity, is located near Park Avenue.[7]

Gladys Wilkins[]

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Aunt Gladys runs a high-end retirement community, which serves as a front for a black clinic utilized by supervillains.[5]

Shane Wilkins[]

Shane runs Cutting Edge, a consumer electronics outlet near St. Mark's which also deals in a bit more exotic hardware. He's described as

"pretty much an off-the-rack Wilkins, thin, stoop-shouldered, weasel-faced and no-er, *ahem!* SHY-chinned, only much better packed than the rest, in a well-cut Armani suit of the latest style and a trendy haircut."[7]

Larry Wilkins[]

Cousin Larry runs a car and exotic vehicle customization shop in the "Fort Apache" part of the Bronx.[7]