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This page is a placeholder for miscellaneous stuff that happens or is related to the 2007 Winter term. It's only real importance is that it's the second term for Whateley Academy stories. It starts on 2007-01-08 and lasts seven weeks, presumably ending on 2007-02-23.[1]

The Winter Term itself is a short term, and is frequently called the "cabin fever" term because of the New Hampshire winter weather. Classes offered are various electives, most of them only offered in Winter Term, some make up classes, and some accelerated classes, most notably immersive language classes, English being a perennial choice due to the needs of foreign students.

Traditionally, the Senior Class takes no courses during the Winter Term, dedicating themselves instead to building their Legacy. The Class of 2007 Senior Legacy was the renovation of the Crystal Hall, meaning that beginning January 22[2] and for the rest of the Winter term, students ate in the smaller Dunn Hall cafeteria.