Wunderkind's given name is Greta[1], her surname is unknown. She is nicknamed Wundy.[2] Her native language is German.[3] She is a member of the Euro-promotional League.

She is allergic to animal fur. From what she says, she can't even be in the same hallway with Clover, due to Buttons, Clover's familiar.[4]


She is a nerdy looking little girl with stringy brown hair in a hideous haircut.[3]

She was short and a tiny bit stout, not at all like an exemplar, and quite nerdy-looking. Her brown hair was frizzy and unkempt, in a style that even I knew wasn't attractive. There was something in her appearance that fairly screamed "arrogant attitude".[5]


Wunderkind is a Gadgeteer specializing in forcefields.[2]


Wunderkind had a table at the 2006 Weapons Fair, selling forcefield based technologies. When Delta Spike's energy harness went Westworld, her forcefields were the first to interact.[3]

Her attempt at shoulder angels were intricately shaped forcefields, which required constant adjusting[6], as well as having an affinity for her hair.[1]

Phase commissioned her to develop forcefields Phase can pass through.[1][7]

From March 16, 2007 her room-mate is Josie Gillman. [4]



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