X-O[1], sometimes Exo[2] (Tara Hardy)[1] is a student at Whateley Academy. She is a manifestor. She resides in Poe Cottage. She's in the Class of 2010. She's an eavesdropper, at least that's how she met Vamp; rooming with JJ, she seeks intelligent conversation any way she can find it.


I turned to look into a pair of large round gray eyes. Surrounding the gray eyes was a cute oval face with an upturned nose, good bone structure, and a wide mouth, all framed by long straight fine dark brown hair with bangs that really set off those eyes. The rest of the package was pretty nice as well. Maybe not in the 'omigawd, yer gawjuss!' way that the snoot-wads that had just left were, but definitely on a par with Siobhan Flaherty or Colleen Hamish, the competing beauty-queens in my old school.[1]


Manifestor. Manifests a metallic, magnetizable carapace. While leaving her clothes alone, the carapace "trashes" electronics, such as watches and cellphones, which are in close proximity when she armors up. Interestingly, these "trashed" items can then be summoned forth as manifested items, and if several similar items have been trashed the manifested version combines all the good parts into one improved version.

After a rather lackluster first semester, she was helped by Vamp in establishing a productive relationship with the technical-minded students. In the course of it, she incorporated several pieces of technology into her manifested armor.[1]

Unfortunately she has a limited number of "slots" in her armor, so as she integrates new things she forgets old ones.[3]

There is currently a debate going on about whether to train her in electronics. There are two possibilities, she gets better at integrating items because she knows how things work, or she gets worse because her items are based on her limited knowledge.[3]

Known features to her armor:

  • Wristwatch
  • FM radio receiver
  • Cell phone - amalgamated from several she accidentally trashed -> she keeps losing this[3]
  • Personal Force-field Generator - amalgamated from failed prototypes supplied by Belphoebe (actually an old design by Wunderkind), Nephandus, Techno-Devil and Tweak
  • Hi-tech visor with UV, IR, low-light and Tac-Ops capabilities - absorbed from Nex during a fight
  • Lightsaber - absorbed from Pucelle during a fight -> lost sometime prior to Apr 7, 2007[3]


  • Family is in Denver

Poe CottageEdit


Fall 2006 Combat Finals vs. Tesla, got a 'D'.[1]

Strong supporting role in Vamp (Story)


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